For All Your Sexual Needs, Serves Them Fully! have something special to serve each of your sexual needs for 2013 and beyond.

Fact 1: Your penis can grow longer and bigger. 

Solution: Introducing the Pro-Extender, made in the USA. With this cleverly crafted device, your penis muscles are flexed. Now you can grow bigger and longer penis enviable to other men. Customers reported at least 1-3 inches growth in length.

Fact 2: You can last longer in bed to make your woman/women orgasm more.

Solution: Nomi Tang Prolongis made in Germany. Just spray on your manhood before penetration and let it do its magic. The Prolong solution works by desensitizing your penis temporarily so that you can control when to ejaculate. Reviews

Fact 3: Lost your youth? Make it stand again. Yes, you can!

Solution: XP Xtreme Tongkat Ali is your only solution. Forget about chemically synthesized Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. They had too many side effects. This herbal supplement is sure to bring your manhood up. There are far too many positive testimonials for this brand. Its reputation and efficacy has appealed major Singapore pharmacies to sell them. 1 box contains 10 pills. In, you get discounts and can buy per pill for trial. And you can also group your purchases with sex toys and condoms…(which brings us to the next point).

 Fact 4: Condoms are not that expensive any more.

Solution: offers you with 11 types of Durex condoms. You can do your research by visiting any grocery store or pharmacy in Singapore and noting their prices. Your conclusion will compel you to buy at

Fact 5: You can speed up foreplay and make your girl horny in 2 min.

Solution: This stuff is always hidden in pharmacies and the grocery store. Anyway, sells at a discount. What you might find S$30ish, there they sell them at S$24.

Also, this tiny dynamite should be branded as the “Instant Horny Gel” by Durex. Instead, Durex calls it the Play O. Whatever the name is, your girl will be begging you for your manhood in no time *evil laughter*

Fact 6: Rabbits make ladies happy, all the time!


Solution: This is a must have sex toy for ladies and couples. If you’re afraid your girl is gonna cheat, let her have this to cheat on. Truly immortalized by Sex And The City.

Fact 7: Japanese Adult Video (JAV) Fairy Magic Wand works Magic! Even in Singapore 240V electrical sockets.

Solution: You probably have seen this piece of equipment in many JAV porn flicks.

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