My double anal penetration on all fours.Hot threesome gif.

For me I enjoy the situation I find nothing more enjoyable and morbid to be taken by two men at the same time and especially it's something wrong sinful ... and that fascinates me.
I love being fucked alternating anal sex with vaginal.
I was mad with pleasure, and wanted to be penetrated by the two, but I was afraid of feel
much pain, that would leave me in two, but was willing to experiment with two huge cocks in my tight ass.
And in the last threesome they gave me double anal and vaginal sex. But the anal crazy me to the utmost and I disorder, I rave of pleasure to feel cock in my ass, it's awesome.
Peter put his head at the entrance to my hole occupied by the stick of Mark. The pain increased as trying to get in, it was difficult, it seemed they tore me, but I wanted with lust.
Slowly, very slowly the cocks made their way by moving the folds of the anus.
I was getting aching at first but had never felt so much sweetness charm with my double anal penetration on all fours.


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