Prostitutes and corruption

In Romania we find the most beautiful girls but also the biggest whores, Romania - prostitutes and corruption, these words are a exact description. In Romania we find all kinds of crimes and at a huge density. Let us remember by bitch of Berlusconi (Ioana Visan). Romania has not entered into Europe, Romania has invaded Europe with pimps, prostitutes, corruption, thieves, criminals, rapists, etc. Romanian girls are very beautiful, hot and sexy. Perhaps they are the most beautiful and sexy women in the world, you can analyze the photos below in connection with this thing. What we do not see in pictures are the flippancy, the shamelessness (with which they suck dick), the lack of education, the perfidy and the stupidity with who they are endowed. If we combine corruption with beautiful girls we have prostitutes and pimps. The situation is very clear. Romania is one of the top countries of origin for people being trafficked for sex into the UK and in most countries from the West.

"Romanian minister who called wives of expats "whores" and their children "vagabonds" resigns." Unfortunately, what he said is very true. Lots of women married from Romania are in fact prostitutes. Why this happens? The men married with these women are pimps. The Police and the Intelligence Services from Romania knows the situation. These institutions are deeply corrupted. This is the policy of Romania. "We send beautiful girls and women on the streets of the West for illegal prostitution." Romanian police arrest only "pawns" from network of prostitution. The groups are not destructured. Besides these groups there are independent prostitutes from Romania. Hundreds of millions of euro, maybe more, are brought into the country by prostitutes. Here we talk about beautiful girls involved in illegal prostitution. The beauty of these girls is big so the demand is huge. Romanian girls suck dick in secret, make promises of marriage but in the end disappear with the money.


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