Beauty of harlots

The beauty of harlots sit in physical qualities and in provocative clothing. Men should search at women love, modesty and gentleness because these are the real signs of beauty. The love should be shown in private space not in public. The woman is beautiful after her spiritual qualities, less after her physical qualities (hot big round ass, sexy legs, beautiful boobs, perfect body). The physical beauty is full with pride which leads to jealousy. Wife for physical qualities? A big mistake. If she is sexy, what does? The mutual fidelity? She just wants marriage from interest. The marriage from material interest is a source of humiliation. Beauty of harlots this is ultimately, condition conflict, sexy legs in miniskirt for everyone, infidelity and a lot of shame. The marriage from interest is a shameful fair site with a whore. The purpose of marriage is not the enrichment. The temperance is a virtue on which we do not find at harlot. The harlot has no limits. In general we believe what we see. A woman dressed in miniskirt makes us to think at brothel prostitutes.

Beauty of harlots not means humbleness. The humbleness is another quality that you do not find at harlot. The woman has a gift, the gift to seduce with her charming eyes or with her beautiful sexy ass. The harlots hunt men with her beauty. The true love comes from honesty, truth and fidelity. We do not find these qualities at harlots. The harlots are perfidious women, apparent kindness and for additional charges. Who has love not walking on the paths of lies. To hurt and to heal does not mean love. The root of evils is a false love. The harlots are some stray animals and false. Self-love, selfishness, women who provides meat not feelings.

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