Should moms be sexy?

Should moms be sexy? Sexy for what? A young mom or a old woman mom sexy is a whore, perhaps with some exceptions. A mom wants sex, so things are clear, sexy for sex. This conclusion is valid for the mothers from Eastern Europe and possible for all women mothers from around the world. At the question "should moms be sexy", the answer is no. Sexy is a word that defines a bitch. You can not be mother and whore. However it happens that many mothers to be whores, prostitutes in the true sense of the word. Why is this happening? In Eastern Europe many women are married with pimps. So it's natural to be whores, prostitutes. The marriage is a perfect smokescreen for whores. Most of the mothers from Romania and Bulgaria are sexy. If we consult a statistics relating to prostitution we find that most of the prostitutes from Western Europe are from Romania, most corrupt country from Europe. Sexy means prostitution. Boobs sexy for who? Do not have sexual connotation? Many women are prostitutes, smaller or larger prostitutes. To be a successful prostitute must be sexy.

I do not understand the expression milf sucking. Any married woman with children who suck dick for money in the bushes or on explicit websites is a whore, a prostitute. We must speak with clear words. Eastern European moms in miniskirts sexy, hot downblouse, hot beautiful huge girls ass, sexy hot moms with children means cum on clothes, hot cumshot, women kissing cock, blowjob, women fucked hard, beautiful women cock sucking, charming for dick, prostitution. Maybe not all the moms sexy are whores but 80 percent are surely. If we consider the married women from interest, the percentage increases to 95 percent. Most of the women moms are some sexy sows with some exceptions.

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