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We have pictures top rated girls. What means top rated girls? I think everyone has found that many blogs entitled "Beautiful sexy girls" or "Hot girls" have nothing in common with the true beauty. If the title of the blog is "Sexy hot girls pictures", on this blog we must find only beautiful girls. Unfortunately on many sites of this kind we find title top rated girls but the girls in question have nothing in common with any top. Perhaps top of the most destroyed whores. Even if the girl suck dick, she must be beautiful in accordance with the title. If you have "old women sucking cock pictures" even if she, the whore in question is old must be beautiful. Top is not just ranking based on votes. Girls top means girls with sexy legs, huge beautiful ass, charming eyes and beautiful boobs. On some sites with sexy girls we find 30 pages per day but most of the times one, two, maximum three girls are beautiful, the rest are for filler. Many girls are considered beautiful just because they have had more publicity. Again wrong criteria.

The top rated girs must be very charming. All the prostitutes now are considered beautiful by men perverts and freaks. These crazy people without tastes make up the tops who have nothing in common with the reality. The industry of beautiful girls is seriously affected by votes from people without tastes in women. All men are fascinated by beautiful women, including the homosexuals (some hypocrites who do not want to admit female beauty). In my opinion an top most beautiful girls is made of:

 1. Charlotte Springer
 2. Sunny Leone
 3. Brandy Love

I think this is a top more than objective, a top that reflect the true reality. Everyone has his taste for women but We must be objective.

Top rated girls pictures


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